Trick R Treat - Sam Burst-A-Box

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Trick ‘r Treat - Sam Burst-A-Box


Don’t disrespect Halloween… or Sam will come for you!

Introducing the Burst-A-Box! A pop culture infused twist on the beloved Jack-in-the-Box toy that has been scaring kids for generations.

For the fifth Burst-a-Box in the series, Mezco have over-indulged on candy after a night of Trick ‘r Treating to bring you the horrifying sack-faced creature, Sam. 

Part pumpkin, part supernatural being, Sam is the enforcer of the rules of Halloween, appearing in the creepy cult classic film Trick ‘R Treat, which tells five interwoven horror-filled tales that occur on Halloween with a lonely old hermit visited by a scary trick-or-treater creature named Sam.

The Sam Burst-A-Box features a detailed head sculpt with the mysterious creature wearing his iconic burlap sack mask, complete with button eyes and orange cloth pyjamas. This fully functioning jack-in-the-box is approximately 14” tall when “popped”, with the tin box featuring frightening pictures of Sam to ensure you respect the sacred traditions of Halloween… or he will show you no mercy!

The Sam Burst-A-Box comes packaged pre-popped out of his tin in a collector-friendly window box to make it perfect for display.