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A number of figures from the Movie “The Warriors” have also been created by others

  1. Toy2r. Toy2r produced Qee Evil Ape NYC Edition 8” Baseball Furies in 2004 and a 6” Evil Ape Baseball Fury Plastic Figure
  • UPC: 4571137951344 (8” Figure)
  • UPC: 4895129410665 (6” Figure)
  1. Teck Deck Dude. Tech Deck Dude introduced in Series 1 a character called Cheeze who appears to represent Cleon. The back of the box reads
  • Hometown: Cooney Island, NY,
  • Favourite Celebrity: James Remar
  • Favourite Saying: “Can you dig it?”
  • UPC: 648465795002
  1.  Bounty Hunters. A 3-pack set by Bounty Hunters comprising of the Blue Face, Red Face and Yellow Face Baseball Furies.

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Warriors, Come Out to Plaaay....Can you dig it? 

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The Initial figurines based on the characters of the movie were made by Mezco. They comprised of 19 figures in the 10” Version and 6 Figures in the 9” Version.

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